IEA pushes for an Affirmative Action Bill

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has hinted that it will front the development of an Affirmative Action Bill in Parliament.

The Bill is to bridge the gap between men and women in politics.

Out of the 275 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Sixth Parliament only 29 are women which is not reflective of the 51 per cent women command in Ghana’s estimated 25 million population.

Speaking on TV3 News on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, Executive Director of IEA Jean Mensah hinted that a programme will soon roll out to gather women from all sectors of the society in a committee to push for the Affirmative Action Bill.

“As part of the programme, a small committee will be set up in-house of credible, reputable women, who represent various sectors of our society and the idea is to seek their views in the development of an Affirmative Action Bill,” she said.

MP for Asokwa Constituency Patricia Appiagyei called for reorientation of men on affirmative action so that they can see women as partners.

“We need to partner men. Men live with certain perceptions. They live with cultural ideologies and if we are not able to disabuse their minds on these issues what will happen is that they will continue to frustrate our move to progress in increasing the number of women in decision making,” she said.

She spoke highly of the 29 women MPs in the Sixth Parliament.

“Most of the women in Parliament had their bait because people believed in women taking decisions in governance and that is why they are ther,” she said

She added that most of them are likely to retain their seats if they choose to stand in the next elections

“If I’m to assess their capacities as women now, it is not too much of a challenge to perform for people to give them another term to be in parliament,” she stressed.


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