Mornah wins Election Petition suit

General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah has won a writ he filed at the Supreme Court challenging an earlier ruling that hearing on election disputes must be a daily affair.

Mr Mornah was seeking to annul portions of CI 74 which, he says, were inconsistent with the 1992 Constitution.

The PNC scribe argued that provisions in CI 74 contravene Articles 133, 157, 93(2) and 11 of the Constitution and that the CI must, on the basis of that contravention, be declared null and void.

The Court ruled on Tuesday that it was unconstitutional to sit on holidays and has also given parties in election disputes a right to appeal verdicts.

Speaking to TV3’s Thomas Adotei Pappoe moments after the verdict, Mr Mornah commended his legal team for winning this case, adding: “It doesn’t matter anyone who loses because any one can enjoy the full lengths of the law.”

“It is victory for me and victory for you too because you would have been here tomorrow [on May Day] if the law had not been changed,” he told Thomas Pappoe concerning hearing of election disputes on statutory public holidays.


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