Governments have been ‘feet-dragging’ on National Dev’t Agenda – CPP Spokesperson

Convention People’s Party’s Spokesperson on Energy Robert Woode has accused governments of failing to commit to a national development agenda.

He challenged government officials to cite any developed country that has gotten to its current stage without any conscious effort in a form of national development plan.

“Talk of Canada, China, South Korea, all those countries have developed because of planning,” he told Bright Nana Amfoh on TV3’s late night news analysis programme News @ 10 on Monday, March 4, 2013.

“If we don’t have meticulous planning, it will be difficult,” he added.

Woode, an engineer by profession, blamed Ghana’s inability to solve the energy crisis on the neglect of a policy guideline drafted by the late Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

“We have been feet-dragging on the National Development agenda,” he stressed.

He said Ghana is among the luckiest countries in the world.

He explains that anytime there is floating of bonds from this country, it is oversubscribed.

Therefore, there should not be any cry over financial constraint in undertaking projects in the country, he calls.

Mr Woode, who refers to himself as a Crusading Engineer, suggested that Ghana can get ample kilowatts of power from the Densu River.

“Densu [River] has the highest gradient,” he revealed.

According to him, before the construction of the Akosombo Dam on the Volta River, there were no horizontal turbines to produce power.

Therefore, with the advent of horizontal turbines and the high gradient of the Densu River, enough power can be produced.

“One meter of that river is 80 kW,” he indicated.

He also indicated that more “cascading dams” can be constructed on the Pra River though “the project was truncated after the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah.”



Governments must be stopped from spending in election year – Nitiwul

Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament Dominic Bingab Nitiwul says he will advocate for passage of a law that will stop governments from spending in election years.

He said the National Democratic Congress’ expenditure in the last quarter of 2012 has influenced his position.

“I will start advocating for a law that stops governments from spending in the last year, especially in the last quarter of the year,” he said on TV3’s News @ 10 on Wednesday.

According to Member of Parliament for the Bimbilla Constituency, the Mahama-led NDC government spent as much as GH¢700 million on campaigning last year.

“The Youth and Sports Ministry alone spent over GH¢300m last year,” he stated.

“GH¢8.7 billion is the total government spent in the last quarter,” he added.

He alleged that the usage of the money on government projects like the Local Enterprises and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP) and Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Dvelopment Agecny (GYEEDA) was ostensible.

“It went into campaigning,” he stressed.

“We are choked with debt now,” he noted.

“Government has overspent,” he added.

He also pointed out that there are no “visible” projects commensurate with the excessive borrowing of the NDC.

“If you look at the quantum of money borrowed by NDC, they are the government that’s borrowed more than any other government since independence.”