Strengthen institutions to avoid labour agitations – Nana Frimponmaa tells gov’t

The 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Akosua Frimponmaa, is calling for public institutions to be strengthened in order for them to be able to carry out their responsibilities as expected.

“Our institutions must work to avoid unnecessary labour agitations,” she stated in a release issued on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

“Why should it take the President to intervene before teachers agree to go back to teach? Is that not a failure on the part of institutions responsible?” she asks.

She noted it is about time that Ghanaians ensured that all those who have put in charge of the various sectors carry out their duties to the benefit of tax payers.

She questioned why upon all the many institutions in place, it took a meeting by President John Dramani Mahama to cajole teachers back to their posts.

“Why should we have so many Institutions in place and at the same time the President is the one to come and address grievances of workers?” she queries.

Nana Frimpongmaa’s call comes in the wake of the recent teacher strike action, which took the intervention of the president to get them back to work.

Nana Frimponmaa is unhappy that Children are the victims.

“If our institutions are strengthened, it would not get to the situation where doctors, nurses, teachers and other working force will embark on strike action before steps are taken to address their concerns,” she added.

She urged the National Labour Commission (NLC) to reach a satisfactory agreement between teachers and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) to avert any future occurrence.

“I want to also urge the teachers that as they go back to the classroom, they should do all they can to make up for the time lost during the strike action and help the students they have toiled for all this while to succeed in their examination,” she advised.

Nana Frimpongmaa, also known as Cherita Sarpong, was grateful to teachers for agreeing to go back to the classroom “and will suggest they always consider our children before taking any decision to embark on strike action.

“Let us make Ghana work again, because this is the only Country we have,”she stated.



Consider our children – CPP’s Nana Frimpongmaa tells teachers

2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Cherita Akosua Sarpong Kumankomaa has urged teachers to reconsider their decision while returning to the negotiation table with government.

She admitted teachers may be correct in their demands but should consider “that single mother, that farmer, and the struggling market woman whose hopes and aspirations hang on their children getting a better life through education”.

In a letter issued on Tuesday by Madam Sarpong, whose stool name is Nana Frimpongmaa II, government should not waste time in addressing the concerns of teachers as the repercussions are far reaching than they currently look.

“My humble appeal is that: Government should as a matter of urgency address the concerns of the teachers for them to resume duty ASAP. The psychological implication on the performance of our children writing their exams, when a teacher is not around to urge them on might be too far reaching and costly when they fail. We should not appear unconcerned and later seek blame elsewhere over their poor performance. Our Children cannot continue to suffer over our failures as leaders to carry out our responsibilities,” the Dwantoahemaa of the Dormaa Traditional Area stated in her letter.

She also called on the National Labour Commission to be proactive in dealing with labour disputes.

“I want to advise the National Labour Commission to find ways of dealing with workers’ grievances than to wait for it to intensify to the level of an industrial strike,” she advised.

“Can we not have a more sustaining method, a better dialogue for resolution than these perennial strikes that affect the ordinary already-suffering Ghanaian for whose reason we toil to serve?” she asked.

She asked stakeholders to be committed to discussions in order to finding a lasting solution to the impasse.

“I also want to call on all stakeholders to support our children in this difficult time, and to mediate on behalf of the teachers for government to expedite the process in formation of the agreed committee to address their issues,” she stated in her letter.

“I want to tell all children of Ghana that, we are strongly behind them, ‘Don’t feel neglected, keep your head up, be confident and trust in God that with all you have learnt you will succeed with flying colours’,” she concluded.­