Pro-NDC group questions NPP’s democratic credentials

Inside Ghana, a pro-National Democratic Congress (NDC) group, has raised doubts over the democratic credentials of the main opposition party, New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying its double standards regarding the credibility of the Electoral Commission (EC) in organizing free and fair elections leaves much to be desired.

A statement issued by George Spencer Quaye, Convener of Inside Ghana, said NPP’s accusation of EC in the conduct of the 2012 Elections and their subtle campaign for the parliamentary candidate of the Convention People’s Party, Ahmadu Yahaya, in the April 30 by-election held in Kumbungu Constituency “smacks of hypocrisy”.

Below is the unedited statement;


The New Patriotic Party has publicly accused the Electoral Commission of Ghana of lacking credibility and hence boycotted all parliamentary bye-elections in support of their bastardization of the constitutionally mandated body tasked to organize elections. In furtherance to this action, leading members of NPP have labeled the EC as being in bed with the ruling NDC government and therefore cannot be trusted to organize any free and fair elections.

It is therefore surprising to hear that regional and constituency executives of the party asked their members to vote for CPP’s candidate Moses Yahaya in the just ended bye-elections in Kumbungu. In one instance the NPP will not contest the bye-elections because the electoral commission lacks credibility and in one breadth the same party is aiding another party to win elections being organized by the same electoral commission. Inside Ghana wants to know the rationale behind such irresponsible conclusion?

Some members of the NPP have on different platforms also congratulated Mr. Amadu Yahya, MP elect for Kumbungu Constituency who won on the ticket of Convention Peoples’ Party. Inside Ghana believes that such double standards smacks of hypocrisy and calls for a serious scrutiny of the democratic tenets of the New Patriotic Party. One wonders if the NPP is not shooting itself in the foot and if indeed they understand and appreciate the democratization process in Ghana. Ghanaians will recall in anguish the violence perpetuated by the NPP after losing the Presidential elections in 2012 fair and square as recently acknowledged by star witness Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia during cross examination. Attacks on media personnel and supporters of the ruling NDC and the failure of Nana Akufo-Addo to state publicly that he will respect and comply by the ruling of the Supreme Court is a grave threat to our democracy. Nana Addo’s seeming silence on war chants by leading members of the NPP is equally worrisome and Inside Ghana believes these are traits of anti-democracy and anarchy.

Inside Ghana therefore calls on Ghanaians to question the democratic tenets of the New Patriotic Party. These pseudo democratic traits have no room or space in a democracy. The deliberate attacks on the EC and NDC built on falsity and atrocious concoctions only retard the progress of our democracy and must not be allowed to thrive. Nana Akufo-Addo is yet to apologise for his ‘all die be die’ chant, a situation that can no longer be swept under the carpet.

Inside Ghana will like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Amadu Yahya and the entire CPP family for this feat. They have demonstrated that hard work indeed pays. To Madam Samia Nkrumah we say more grease to your elbow and hope to see the CPP becoming a second force to the National Democratic Congress in the years to come

We would also like to commend the Electoral Commission for upholding the high standards they have set and once again demonstrating to the world that Ghana is indeed a democratic State where elections are free, fair and transparent. In other countries, an incumbent losing a bye-election is unimaginable and in the face of all these baseless accusations from the NPP, the electoral commission has not fragmented and Ghana is still the winner.


George Spencer Quaye