Justice Kpegah owes the state GH¢689,840 in rent – Young Patriots

The youth wing of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), the Young Patriots, has expressed disgust “at the abuse and deliberate running down of State Bungalow” by Justice Francis Kpegah, who recently filed a suit against NPP’s 2012 Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for impersonation.

In a statement jointly signed by Hopeson Adorye, Richard Nyamah and Fred Amankwah and issued on Thursday, March 21, 2013, the retired Supreme Court judge since December 4, 2008, when he retired from service, has “refused to pay rent, water bill and electricity bill for his 5-bedrrom house property he occupies with his wife and two children”.

According to them the total amount owed the state by Justice Kpegah is GH¢689,840.

Below is the full text of their statement:

The Young Patriots wishes to express its disgust at the abuse and deliberate running down of State Bungalow and  the refusal to by no less a person than a retired Supreme Court Judge, who ought to know better.

Ever since his resignation from the Judicial Service as a Supreme Court judge on the 4th of December 2008, which required that the he vacates his property, Justice Kpegah has been living on the largess of the state, for the last 6½ years.

The Young Patriots can confirm that he resided at his Osu residence, close to the Passport Office, adjacent the Apex Bank, for two years before his December 4 resignation and has refused to vacate this property.

Over this period, he has refused to pay rent, water bill and electricity bill for this 5-bedroom house property he occupies with his wife and two children, out of the eleven (11) he has.

The property is going for a market value of $6,000 a month, but was discounted at $3,000 for a month because of his status as a Supreme Court judge. This will bring it to a total of $324,000 (GH¢618,840) for the 6½ year duration, which he owes. We can also confirm that Justice Kpegah owes water bill to the tune of GH¢23,000, with electricity bill totalling some GH¢48,000 yet unpaid.

Justice Kpegah owes a total of GH¢689,840.00 on rent and utility bills on the 5-bedroom state bungalow. This bungalow has been rundown so badly that it even houses poultry and pigs. 

As though this was not enough, we can confirm that a Tata 4×4 vehicle he acquired, through hire purchase, has still not been fully paid for.  Furthermore, a Peugeot 607 vehicle allocated to him by the Judicial Service when he was a Supreme Court Judge, also to be paid for through hire purchase, has not been paid for.

As a law abiding citizen, the Young Patriots expect Justice Kpegah to pay the rent plus utility bills he owes which amounts to GH¢689,840.00 and also pay for the cars he drives.    

On the recent suit filed by Justice Kpegah against the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, most well-meaning Ghanaians are shocked by what they describe as an absurdity on the path of the retired Supreme Court judge.

What Justice Kpegah is telling Ghanaians is that Nana Akufo-Addo indulged in self-impersonation, which is in itself very ridiculous.

owever, we the Young Patriots were not surprised by what he has done. Indeed, this clandestine plot was hatched during the tenure and with the full knowledge and sadly, the blessing of the late President, John Evans Atta-Mills. This writ filed by Justice Kpegah was done with the help of former deputy Chief of Staff, Alex Segbefia. We will leave the finer details for later.

All we are asking Justice Kpegah for now is to pay what he owes the state and move into his own building, which we understand he doesn’t have.   



Hopeson Adorye

Richard Nyamah

Fred Amankwah