Akatsi South by-election to have high supervision – EC

District Electoral Officer in the Akatsi South District Francis Denu says the by-election to be held in the Akatsi South Constituency on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 will witness high supervision from the Electoral Commission (EC).

He said about 25 to 30 supervisors will be deployed to monitor the by-election.

Speaking to TV3 News’ Edward Kwabi, Mr Denu said all is ready for the by-election to come off.

“We are ready,” he said on Monday.

“We are now working on materials to be taken to the various polling stations,” he added.

He said the Constituency has recorded one of the incident-free elections in the Volta Region.

According to him, the recent disputes over results of the 2012 Elections will have no effect on Tuesday’s by-elections, which was instanced by the elevation of Edward Doe Adjaho to the position of Speaker of Parliament.

He immediately announced his vacation of the seat after being sworn in on January 7, 2013.

The District Electoral Officer stressed that security has also been beefed up for the exercise.

“Security is okay,” he told Edward Kwabi. “We have been holding election security task force meetings prior to the elections.”

“I will say this election is going to have more supervision than any other.”

Last week, Principal Public Relations Officer of the EC Sylvia Annor stated that CI 75 will be fully enforced in the by-elections, which will be the first of two to be held in the Volta Region in February.

‘Sweeping votes’

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has held the seat, which was formerly referred to as the Avenor-Ave Constituency, since 1992.

The party’s parliamentary candidate in Tuesday’s by-elections, Bernard Ahiafor, has sent strong indications that the seat will be retained by the party.

“So far campaign has been successful,” he told Edward Kwabi.

“It [Akatsi South Constituency] is going to be retained,” he stressed.

He said the party will be “sweeping votes” in the by-elections.

“I want everybody to know that we won’t leave.”

Vote for change

Meanwhile, the Progressive People’s Party’s candidate, Anthony Tsikata, one of the three challenging the NDC for the seat, was confident his manifesto has so appealed to the electorates that they will vote for change in his favour.

“The people need a change and the PPP man will emerge the winner,” Mr Tsikata said

“My campaign promises to the people out there show that they support me.”